Jane’s Away

Every marriage has its little secrets.

But some are bigger than others...

Roger Kurmudge is rather smug about his affluent life and happy marriage. It’s just as well his wife, Jane, doesn’t know what he got up to in the past. But on his retirement day, Jane disappears. Roger’s about to panic. Will he have to sell some shares or – heaven forbid! – the house in Bordeaux to pay a ransom? Worse – has Jane discovered his guilty secret? Then Jane’s emails start arriving.

Take the dog to the vet. Look after grandson Alfie for the day. Do the washing, shopping and cooking. Host Christmas for the family.

Roger doesn’t know why Jane’s gone but he’s sure he can manage her ‘women’s work’. Although it’s harder than it looks.

As the weeks go by and Jane stays away, Roger is forced to re-examine everything he knew about his family, his life and himself. But even if Roger can change for the better, will Jane come back? Or has she been keeping some secrets of her own?